Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Magic Begins

Oh the MAGIC of Disney...
Ours began this morning with a fabulous breakfast with a few of Megan's "new best friends..let's just say she has no fear of "characters" - regardless of their towering personalities...She even got out there with Goofy and did the "hot dog dance."Somehow I missed a good Pluto picture..... Nicole loved them from afar!If they got too close, she'd do her shy head turn with that look that says, "if I don't see them, they don't see me!!!!!"

After breakfast we headed to the pool/splashpad!It was early and still very very very cold! But we braved the water and even swam with the whales. That look on Granddad's face is him saying, "Good Lord, this water is freezing... this is love Megan, this is love!"Grandma got the better end of the stick!Fortunately, Megan found a friend who was as unphased by the water temp as she was...And Nicole, who never got in, was as happy as a lark once she'd had her little poolside nap!After all that fun, we got the girls down for naps... I'll tell you that is the hardest part of vacationing - working out naps and sleeping all in 1 room. Thankfully with adjoining rooms with my parents, we can work it out to keep the door open and I can take out one girl to get another asleep. But when it's wake up time.... Nicole was all about waking her big sister up!
That's Megan's set up.... an air matress shoved between the couch and a sideways coffee table (last night she rolled off the mattress and under the coffee table... that was a rude 3 am wakeup call.
And all that fun was before we even left the hotel..... You know there is so much more coming!

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