Monday, October 4, 2010

The Event

It started out as a relatively normal Saturday..... Fun being had by all (at a little friends birthday party).
But little did I know... these 3 cuties were being a little sneaky!!!
Because my "after party date night" turned into a 40th Birthday surprise party.....

Thankfully it was a little breezy so all 40 candles wouldn't stay lit. But I did have help with the ones that did.

Then Natalie, the host and co-conspirator, gave me a stick to whack my 40 year birthday agressions out on a pinata!

So I gave it the ole birthday wack (or 3)....
Let's just say..... I won!

And candy was had by all!
Even Nicole had a great time and let Grandma and Granddad enjoy her company.

Thanks to my dear husband and our special Natalie for a fabulous surprise birthday celebration!

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