Thursday, October 7, 2010

11 Months

Once again another month passes and I think - how on earth is it that my baby is almost a year old? 11 months... really? What a full 11/12ths of a year it's been with this little blessing in our lives!I've been so bad about keeping up Nicole's baby book - truly this blog is my record keeping... so excuse all the "mommy stuff" as I document all those important happenings of this milestone.

What you are doing: Well, my little pumpkin, you are crawling with gusto! It's a cute little crawl on one leg with one foot. A scooch really - but every efficient - you are always half way between a sit and a stand. You can pull yourself up on about anything and have started to cruise around some furniture. I have a feeling you are not going to be in any hurry to walk.

You are talking up a storm. Mostly it's cute little baby sounds but you actually purposefully say a few things.

Ma-Ma (your favorite thing to say!)
Da - for Daddy
bye bye
Mo (more)
And occasionally you'll answer me. Like I ask you if you want more (trying to get you to use sign language for more) and you'll say, "ya" Now at 11 months, I'm not sure if you are actually answering me, but it does happen a lot so ????? perhaps you are. has been our nemesis for such a long time. I must say you are doing pretty good with eating. You will always try a new food - you already seem to have some preferences. Like your sister (and mommy) you do not like leftovers. I find this so amusing! How do you know those carrots were from yesterday? This week we just started introducing some diary foods back into your diet to see if you have "outgrown" some of your milk issues... and so far, so good. You will tolerate yogurt - which is huge since it's eaten with a spoon and you pretty much pitch a fit with any other food that someone else has to feed you. Baby food.... mostly a thing of the past. Occasionally I try to give you some just to make sure you are getting a variety of foods, but if I can get 10 bites into you, it's a big deal. I think I may actually start letting you try to feed yourself with a spoon.... oh how I see huge messes in my future. You can drink out of a straw and a sippy cup. That's nice. And in the bathtub you'll drink out of a "real" cup.... and you about drown yourself trying to master that one.

Schedule... oh wow.... You are fighting to drop a nap and just have 1 nap a day. I must admit this is killing me because it's very hard to get it coordinated with your sister's naptime. But.... yesterday you took only 1 nap and it was 3 hours. If everyday were that way - I'd go for it. But that seemed to be a fluke. Normally it's about 1 1/2 hours. You are good to sleep about 11 hours at night. We have a good routine - but you don't like going to sleep alone. If you had it your way, mommy would rock you to sleep for every nap and nighttime. And boy when you cry - it is a serious ear piercing scream. I have a feeling we will be fighting this out for awhile. Letting you cry it out doesn't work so much..... You have an uncanny ability to "cry it out" for hours - and not going to sleep... hence the dropping a nap. :^/ We get near your room and you start to fuss because you think we are going to make you go to sleep (which means we leave you alone)..... oh my.
What makes you giggle and smile..... oh you have the best little giggle. It makes my heart just light up! You love it when I tickle your face with my hair. And you are very very very ticklish on your legs and under your arms and chin. You love animals and bark at dogs and cats. When you get really excited, you wave your arms and it looks like you are trying to take off. You LOVE bathtime and the BIG bathtub (which is delightfully different from your sister at this age) and you think it's soooo funny to stand up and "sit down" to make a splash. Mommy gets very nervous at this game, but your giggles and smiles somehow charm me into letting you do it... over and over and over and over (with parental spotting of course). You love your sister and even when she's about to get in trouble for being too rough, you somehow still seem to smile and laugh at her. You light up whenever you see mommy, daddy, or Megan come into a room. And in this house - tummy zerberts rule!

Your personality.... You are still experiencing some severe separation anxiety. But we are slowly working through that. I have come to some conclusions about how your personality is very different from your big sisters.... we are learning by trial and error for sure. For example... you don't like things like train tunnels and carousels (found that out on the train and carousel at the zoo), and you don't like when strangers get too close or are too loud (the mariachi band yesterday brought that to light). But you love riding in the stroller (you'll kick back and prop a foot up) and you can dance with the best of them. It's so cute to see how you immediately react to music and start bobbing your head. You had a lot of people giggling over it yesterday --- before the mariachi band got a little too close for comfort. It's also very apparent that you are inquisitive... you love to try to get objects in and out of toys, holes, etc. You hear a noise and MUST find it. But, you also have a quick temper - if things don't go your way IMMEDIATELY, you let us know. You would rather have someone else do it for you, than you have to work at it (like standing up). It will be interesting to see how that plays out as you develop more independence.

What you don't have.... a lovey! I think that I am your special lovey. When you are sad, scared, worried, upset, tired, happy, lonely, awake.... you want mommy. I would LOVE to find something for you to "love" - a bear, a doll, a blanket... but no. Mommy and your fingers is really all you want. No blanket seems to fit the bill and even when I try to give you dolls and bears and lambs.... you hug and kiss them and then throw them down when it looks like mommy is about to leave. I really think finding a special lovey would help in transitions when mommy has to leave... but so far, we've had no luck here. (any suggestions, parent friends?)

We have a mere month left before we'll be celebrating your 1 year birthday. It's so hard to believe and such a time to treasure. I am giddy with anticipation as I enjoy every second of your development!Here's Nicole at 11 months
And Below is Megan at 11 months....

I was struck at how much longer Nicole is at this same age.... It's the same carseat and Nicole has to stick her legs out to the side. wow.

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