Thursday, October 28, 2010

Downtown Disney

We started out our time in the wonderful world of Disney, at Downtown Disney. We stayed in a great hotel that is literally across the the street from Downtown Disney - that made it a great "down time" stop. I think Megan would've loved a few more days to go and just play there. It was pretty amusing to realize that Megan really doesn't know many Disney characters. She's never seen a whole movie - they scare her. So she'd see a character (or statue) and want her picture taken and then would ask, "who is this?"

But the real draw was that it's an interactive toy store....
And it's got fun kid friendly places to eat - like The Rainforest Cafe. I wanted to go back to the Dinosaur restaurant, but we'll have to save that for another trip.

All the adults had a great time just watching Megan take it all in. Here's Granddad and Grandma (on her nifty scooter) with Nicole - we were watching Megan and Tom on the carousel.

And of course... the hostess with the mostest....

Nicole was so excited to see characters that she knows - she was all smiles!

Megan loved the lego area outside the lego store. And Nicole wanted to help her out.

And Nicole really gets into her building work.....

My parents were fabulous (thanks for joining us Grandma and Granddad).... if you look over their shoulder you'll see the Lego sea serpent that dwells in the lake in Downtown Disney.

And Megan was so excited to see the Princess store.... she was building up all her excitement for her actual trip to see Cinderella in her castle.

And since Nicole is a little small to really get all that excited about the princesses, she hung with Grandma!

I have almost a thousand pictures of our short trip to Disney.... but I'm working to get them posted before Halloween.

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