Friday, August 28, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

A few days ago I was just wanting something totally unhealthy for dinner...and pancakes sounded like they would hit the spot. It helps that we have an IHOP down the street! Megan always loves going there so we headed over for our breakfast dinner. YUMMO!
I have to admit it was the first time we actually bought Megan her own meal. Their portions are so huge that usually she just eats part of ours, but I have to admit that last time we were there she ate half my eggs, and pancakes. So this time, we let her pick her dinner.
We actually thought she ordered something different - a pancake with the yogurt tube to decorate your own pancake... but evidently the names are similar and instead we got a chocolate chip covered smiley face pancake -As for it's redeeming qualities... it was whole wheat and it did have bananas... under all the whip cream. :^) Let's just say, Megan was in heaven!!

And with smiles like that, I'm sure we'll have more breakfasts for dinner in the future!


Allison said...

How sweet! I've been totally craving pancakes my entire pregnancy!

hmferrero said...

we went to ihop friday night for dinner. :)

breakfast for dinner is one of the easiest things to cook too. sometimes that's what i make if walter's not home with us.