Friday, August 7, 2009

New Things

It's so bitter sweet to see my little baby doing such big girl things. In light of all her "new things" I had to share them...

Her NEW electric toothbrush. Let's just say that Dora has made tooth brushing MUCH more enjoyable for everyone involved. The NEW train table! Thanks to Craigs List, I found a really inexpensive train table for Megan. She loves her trains, but on the floor she was struggling because she'd knock the trains off the track or step on the track and it would fall apart.... but now - oh, trains, trains, everywhere! And being the girl she is, she gets all her little people involved and sets up a little town. It's super sweet.
And... I can't say potty training is complete by any stretch - but we've come a LONG way. I went to check on her during nap time a few days ago and that little tushy in her big girl undies was just too cute to not take a picture of.

(Boring to everyone else... this is for my memory)
On that note - PT update.... it's going well. At home she's "bare" or in her undies all the time. When she's out with me for short trips she gets to pick her undies. I'm still a little chicken to put her in undies for longer outtings (like church or gym camp). I think she can do it, I'm just worried that she'll get too caught up in the action and forget to go... so she's got her fair share of pull-ups in the closet. At night we are in diapers - mostly because we still have to get a handle on going #2 in the potty.... That's our big challenge right now. My goal is to have her in undies all the time and everywhere by September (except for overnight). We'll see if she jives with my goal. I've realized quickly that to make this a plesant experience for both of us - I'm not pushing it. She's not even 2 1/2 yet - so PT grace goes a long way with me.


Dawn said...

The picture of her sleeping with her "big girl" undies sure shows how long those legs have gotten! She sure is one remarkable little lady!!! Give her big hugs from us! We sure do love and miss you guys!!!

sandy said...

She looks so big in her crib. Macie has been in a big girl bed so long I forgot how big she had started to look.
Some advice for going places in big girl undies-I put a plastic backed pad in her car seat just in case for a few weeks. And if you put her in a dress and sandals or other washable shoes, accidents are not a problem. Our problem now, is Macie can go a little and stop it. She does not want to go to the bathroom til I discover her slightly wet panties.