Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wild Thing

Rrrrrrooooooaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!! A few weeks past we meet up with our friends Amy and little Shay at the zoo. With the drama of potty training, I just haven't had a chance to get pictures uploaded to the blog - so today, I'll take a drama break and try to catch up a bit.
Shay decided she wanted to be a lioness as well!

And when in a giant bird's nest - be a bird. I wish you could hear her tweeting and see her flapping.

Megan really really really wanted a turn to hold the baby gorilla. It took a lot for me to get her to understand that she couldn't hold that baby.

And all I can say is... I remember a time when Megan was terrified of the petting area part of the zoo... That's long gone - she'd stay there all day if I'd let her. And I must admit on hot and humid days it's a great place to be because they have giant fans. If it gets too hot, they blow a cold mist. I don't mind staying and letting Megan pet and brush the animals - as long as it's near the fans!
And we can't leave the zoo without a ride on the train.... Megan was really excited to give her ticket to the "engineer".

Is that not the "cheese"iest grin ever!

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