Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Gym tot

It was hard to say goodbye to gym class this week. Megan's had a great time with her gym classes and little gym camps this summer. Her teacher Ms. June was great and Megan is still talkign about her. I finally got some pictures from her last gym class - they aren't very good because they are through a window and without a flash, and there's lots of movement going on. But it was fun to watch her in action and see how much fun she was having.

As soon as the doors open, Megan shoots into the room and usually onto the balance beam or the hanging bars..

Everybody needs a little time to get their jumps out.
Lately, Megan's been talking about her friend "peter"... I have no idea who Peter is. Finally I got out of her that Peter is from gym class... that's him with the curly blond hair on the balance beam with her. Not sure why or how he made such an impression on her, but he did.

This is the final shot of her roll down the hill.... with Ms. June's assistance. Megan's all about trying to do a little summersault!

Gym class is not complete without jumping on our circle for circle time! Megan takes her circle space very seriously!!!!
They do fun songs during circle time that Megan has been singing non-stop - especially "head, shoulders, knees and toes" - so fun!

My little gymnist has announced that she is ready to be a ballerina.... so we are going to take a little creative movement/dance class next... her "dancing dress" is all ready to go!

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