Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cookie Monster

Megan and I made cookies! She is my little cookie monster and it was a special little treat for all of her big girl potty training efforts. And I have to say - I loved every minute of it, but boy howdy, that was the most labor intensive cookie making I have ever under taken! And that's saying a LOT since I always cooked at school with my Kindergarten and first graders.Megan loved getting it all mixed up. We ended up with spoonfulls of flour all over the table - but hey, what's fun without a little mess involved.
After we got the cookies in the over, Megan wanted to be a cookie sampler. It took every thing in me to not stop her from eating raw cookie dough... I know how bad it can be.... BUT - she's like her mommy.... she'd prefer raw dough over cooked cookies any day of the week. And isn't that half the fun of cooking!


sandy said...

I have the same problem with the raw dough. Carson has started to ask for the spoon. I usually let him have some, but I worry about it!

hmferrero said...

looks like lots of fun! i struggled with the same thing the other day when i made cornbread muffins. i only let him have a tiny lick and was so worried about it. i have eaten raw batter my whole life, and never worried about it for me. i guess small ones are just more susceptible (sp?).