Friday, July 18, 2008

What a week

Being limited in my travels has made this a long week.....
Foot update (for anyone interested) - it's healing nicely but the x-ray this time showed that it was a pretty severe fracture (that was cool to see the bone actually healing) so I'm in the boot for 2-4 more weeks. Ugh. But hey - it's better than a cast.

So what do Megan and I do when we are homebound????
Fill up the baby pool!!!!!

And splash!!!!

And Sit!!!!I wish I could've gotton a picture of Megan on her tummy today - trying to swim. It was hysterical. And after some refreshing pool time.....
Yummy popsicles. Yeah - I have to strip her down or else everything gets stained to a fare ye well. yeah - I'm that mom with a half naked baby sitting in the front yard sucking on a stick. :^)

This week our Natalie came up and drove us to dinner to meet up with Tom. As we waited in the parking lot, Megan got to check out the car from a new perspective.

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