Thursday, July 31, 2008

More from the beach

We had a fun experience today - we were at the park with some friends and suddenly the sky just opened up and started pouring buckets. Megan thought it was hysterical to get so wet - I on the otherhand was just trying to get to the car before my boot got soaked. We got home and we had a "beach moment" flashback. I got Megan out of the car and put her down and she RAN into the rain. She took about 5 steps out and started laughing and twirling with her hands out to catch the rain. She was in heaven. So of course, I let her play... until a big clap of thunder brought her running back into the garage.

I say it was a "beach moment" flashback because one evening we went to a neighboring beach community (Rosemary Beach) and played in their fountains. It's a family tradition and I wondered if Megan would be scared.... silly concern.

Drenched and loving it...
notice that it's getting dark and Megan is one of the only ones left running around out there.
Of course the next day we were back on the beach and Megan was back in the raft. She was practicing swimming in her few inches of water. That is her sweet cousin Daniel in the background going to get more water for her.
Then when the raft got taken out on the waves, Granddad was there to keep her company. Megan is telling him all about what's going on.
Boogie board babe..
My view...
Yeah, assuming you are noting the foot in the grocery bag. That's how I got to our beach spot and kept sand out of my beloved book. Fortunately our house was on the beach and not very far from the water at all so it wasn't a bad walk. I so know I see a sandbox in our future. Maybe I'll find out at the consignment sale I'm heading to tomorrow morning.
Cousins sharing sand toys. Megan tried to terrorize Anna, but Anna was a good cousin and still shared her beach toys.In dry sand or wet sand... Megan was bound and determined to play...
Now wait for it.......Wait for it......Even in the waves, Megan would dig and dig. We only lost the shovel once.
Our last night we went a little past Grayton Beach to a place called Elmo's. It's extremely family friendly and decorated with lots of - yeah you guessed it - Elmo's.
It was really hard to get a shot of all the grandkids together. Note the really cute matching dresses that Megan and Anna have on. I'm proud they were part of my summer sewing projects and turned out to be absolutely adorable.
Megan and Uncle Kevin (my brother).
Can you tell Megan had fun on Elmo's famous tire swing horse. It's always a hit with every kid that walks into the place. Megan was ready to ride off into the sunset.
And then... it was time to say bye to the beach... :^(

And now we are back. It was such a great trip. Megan loved the beach - every aspect of it from the sand to the waves so we are already looking forward to our next trip.

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Sandy P said...

I imagine it was even more special for her to be there with her cousins. I know that Carson loved Disney the first time partly because his cousins were there to "teach" him. There is about the same age differnce in our family and they all adore each other.