Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July! This year on the 4th of July we got to not only celebrate with some fireworks (the picture above is Megan trying to figure out what those loud noises were.), but also a special birthday!
Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle.
We had tons of fun at S.M.'s birthday party - they had a jumpy house. You know you've entered a new stage when your child can go into a jumpy house alone and actually figure out a way to bounce. Megan loved it! And we hit a milestone... maybe not a milestone for anyone but us - but still it was great. Megan figured out how to master a little "play ground/play house" all by herself. She climbed up and sat down and turned around and slid down. It was her first "solitary slide".
We even got her doing it on camera... She never looks at us, because as you'll see there is a dog on the other side that she really really really wants to get to. (Auntie Dawn - lets just say that Megan has a long way to go before she learns the "gentle touch").


Uncle Dan said...

I love how Megan is so focused on the dog. It is just a matter of time before the Georgia Blaisdell's have a puppy of their own.

There is NO way Daddy will deny his little girl. She has him so wrapped around her little finger!

Dawn said...

That's OK, Miss Megan! Mr. Bear is very, very patient. Hopefully he won't make you sneeze like he does Mommy and Daddy! We can't wait to see you soon!!! Give Mommy and Daddy big hugs from Uncle Tony and I!

Love you!

Auntie Dawn