Monday, July 7, 2008

Belated Mothers Day

Happy Belated Mother's Day Mom!!!!!
What do you get your mother when they don't "need" anything - how about a date with their daughter!?!? This year my sister-in-law, Kelly, and I gave our moms/mother-in-law a gift of time with us. We fulfilled our "IOU date" this weekend by going to a cool beading shop in town and making necklaces together.
Here's Kelly stringing up a bracelet. My niece and nephews gave each grandma some beads for Mother's Day so they could make something on our date. Gram-Anne sporting her new necklace - this is Kelly's mom.
Here's mom and I with our finished projects. We all had so much fun that we plan on going back to make some coordinating pieces.


Whitlamy said...

Looks so fun. Val, I love your hair in that last photo.

Valerie said...

Me too!!! It's a picture I actually like of myself - and I have no idea what I did different and can't get it to look that way again - so crazy!