Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Just an fyi...... The Children's Place is having their end of the year clearance on-line..... I just got shoes for Megan for the next 3 sizes and even got a great pair for $1.99. They are selling out fast - I looked at the site last night but didn't "shop" till just a bit ago and in less than 14 hours they were out of stock of a lot of stuff. But it might be worth checking it out.

Use this code: FA78 for an additional 15% off.

Happy shopping....

Oh yeah and consignment sales start in a week!

I'm looking for the Little People A to Z learning zoo - if anyone sees it.

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Whitlamy said...

Tons of cute girl stuff...not so much in boy stuff. Ahh, the adventures of having a boy. It's so hard to find cute, plain boy stuff that doesn't have ugly screen prints, monsters, trucks, basketballs all over it. I'm sure Megan will look like a little doll.