Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sayings to remember

We just got back from a short vacation to the beach (got the family trip in pre-newborn). It was great but while we were there Megan was saying some fun things and it reminded me to get some of her sweetest and cutest sayings written down so I don't forget them.

Last night as we were getting her ready for bed - after a long day on the road.... Add up 2 vehicles, 4 kids, 2 meals on the road and a pregnant woman and you've got lots of stops... therefore a 6 hour trip becomes a 10 hour trip. All that to say - Megan was a little giddy/punchy last night. I've come to realize that at moments like that you either deal with a grumpy going to bed battle, or make it fun.... I tend to go the fun route as long as I'm not so tired that I too am grumpy. Well in the middle of our horsing around to get PJ's on Megan puts her hands on my cheeks and says, "Mommy I love you so much I could eat you up!" I love her!

Here are some more...
"I got an idea..." (followed by a finger in the air and her grabbing your hand to take you somewhere)
"I need some Privacy" (with a closing door in your face)
"What chu doin?"
and one of the cutest..... Imagine Megan popping around the corner with the cutest little smile on her face saying, "Mommy, you got a suprise for me?" - this is her way of asking for some treat that she knows I wouldn't normally get (popsicle, lollipop, candy, etc...) What a charmer!

I'm hoping to get some beach pictures uploaded later today - nap dependent of course!

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Tony said...

When she is a teenager and comes up to you and says "Mom I have a question.", my advice to you at that point is RUN!!!!!!!!! Glad you guys had a great trip to the beach. She is just adorable.