Friday, October 23, 2009

All is well!

Oh yeah - Ice cream - gotta love it. She's definitely our daughter!!

So today is officially "full term" day. Baby girl #2 is doing great and everything looks good. Last week my blood pressure had gone up a good bit. It was boarderline high, which for me is really high since my "normal" bloodpressure is always really low. But I really thought it was probably because I had just battled horrid traffic and was late to my appt and running to the office. Gee, I mean there's nothing like sitting in traffic behind an accident then running to your OB's office (totally out of breath), jumping on a scale only to totally freak out about how much weight you gained in 2 weeks, and then have a cuff slapped on to be told - any stress lately hon, your blood pressure is a little high..... oh really, gee, I can't imagine why!?!?!

At any rate - everything looked good. Megan's at a parents night out event at her little school and I'm working on NESTING! Ok, with this little computer break thrown in. :^) The reality is, if this little girl were on the same time frame as her sister, she'd be coming on Sunday.... now I'm hoping she's a little more laid back and will give us another week to get ready for her arrival.


Mitzi said...

She was so cute last night. I guess she got restless and she came walking down the hall with one of the teachers waving and talking to everyone. I'm glad you guys had a night to yourselves.

Sandy P said...

I had an appointment like that with Carson. They had called to see if I could come early, but I was at school. I could have been there early, but I did not get the message. So, I was stressed about making the doctor stay and wait on me. Then it was taking me forever to get there due to traffic. Once I got there, I went right back because they were waiting on me.
The nurse checked my blood pressure and said she would give me a few minutes and come back to check it again. (I had already been very apologetic about the situation) She came back and it had dropped a lot. She said it was a good thing because while out of the room she was filling out the paper work to send me to the hospital! I never heard how high it was, but it must have been bad!