Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Beach!

I'm taking a little break from getting ready for baby to get some pictures up from our Beach trip. It was so warm in FL, and this morning we had freeze and frost warnings here. What a change! Oh well, before we welcome Fall - we'll just remember the end of our summer!
Megan had lots of fun playing in the sand! And the water...
Daddy made sure she got lots of time in the water (at 35 weeks pregnant, I spent lots of time sitting and watching all the fun!).

Megan loved playing with Aunt Kelly and her cousins...
Many sandcastles were built....
And destroyed... by Meganzilla.....Megan was way into her cousins's wake boards.... Looks like next year we know what Megan's souviner will be.
Of course, Daniel and Justin were eager to give Megan some lessons on catching waves! When not in the water, Megan was all about chasing the seagulls.
When relaxing... this was our beach set-up. We had our chairs and umbrellas and of course the "raft pool" and shady sand pit area. Got to love the beach!It was a super fun getaway! We are so glad we had this last trip with Megan before Baby Girl 2 arrives.And although, I'm not sure why I allowed this picture to be taken, I figured it would be good for Baby sister to know that she was indeed there - just incognito. Or as Megan would say, "in tummy-O."Our last beach trip as a family of 3!!!!
And the last silly picture of the 4 cousins at the beach!
So long summer.... We'll be back next year (9 months or so, and counting!)

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