Friday, October 30, 2009


It was a day of check ups for us....

Megan had her 2 1/2 year old well-child checkup appt. today. I love that our pediatrician's office has these. Most have 2 and then 3 year old - but not one in the middle. Our's was late - but great! It's really a developmental milestone check-up and language check-up. All is well! The Dr. asked tons of motor skill questions, like can she jump on one foot and/or both feet, does she try to gallop, can she ride a tricycle by herself, does she draw shapes, standing on tippy toes, using scissors and tweezers, ripping paper, getting stickers off a sheet, etc... It was great because Megan is doing great but it also gave me some great ideas of things to do with her at home. Megan was also a chatterbox so the Dr. pretty much skipped the language questions and just confirmed, "I see she knows up and down. I see she can ask a question. I see she can use descriptive words..." It was cute. Megan just talked and talked and talked. And every other sentence started with, "and I ok, I don't need a shot today thank you."

Well.... thankfully our office just got in a shipment of H1N1 shots so my little pumpkin did indeed get her 1st H1N1 shot. We go back at the end of Nov for the 2nd dose. (I should mention her that Daddy will take her for that one. :^) Finally I get to not be the one to hold her down. The Dr's and nurses are always shocked by how strong she is). Megan's not a candidate for the nasal mist due to her asthma so I'm glad they have the injectible vaccine. AND.... if I'm unable to get mine tomorrow at my OB's clinic (they also just got shots in and are partnering with 2 other offices to get them to expectant moms) then they'll give it to me next week since I'm carrying one of their future patients. Have I mentioned that I love my pediatrician!

Hopefully by the time this baby comes at least Megan and I will have had our seasonal flu and H1N1 shots (for Megan at least 1/2 of it) and I'm hoping that our Dr's office will get some soon so that Tom can get his. I know it's a hot topic - but as far I my thoughts go.... I'm not risking the health a newborn OR my high-risk toddler's health (asthma kids are very high risk for major complications) when a vaccine is available and the Dr's recommend it. Which means if I get my way, our whole house will be immunized. After the baby comes we all (that would be Tom and I) also have get our pertusis vaccine. This whole having a winter baby.... so much more to think about in the germ world.

We also got to chat about our "poop issues" and that was great to get some insight on next steps and what they would recommend. Although my Dr. (whom I love) also said - you know life is about to get really really interesting for all of you so don't stress over it. I'm not! That's one of those things that I've let go of and know that God will take care of it in it's due time. Not that I wouldn't LOVE to see Megan completely potty trained... but hey, there are some things that mommy's can't control and this is one of them! I wan't to be a good parent and "do the right things" but bottom line.... it is what it is. On that line, Megan has a little "bite" or something on her bottom that is starting to get infected so the Dr. gave us some antibiotic cream AND with a baby coming also put her on a course of oral antibiotics to make sure it doesn't get worse... which will hopefully keep Megan healthy for baby sisters arrival. One of my big fears is that she'll get sick and not be able to come to the hospital to see the baby. That would DEVESTATE her! I'm praying that our hospital doesn't close it's doors to siblings - most of the others have due to the flu... but so far, they are still letting siblings in. May Megan get to see her sister in the hospital - because you know all the big sister books have that little component in there -- go to the hospital to see mommy and baby sister...... Hopefully it'll work out that way.

Ok - now for the littest ones check-up... all is well with the baby. No major progress. All looks good so now we just wait..... 2 weeks till due date - Any bets on when this little girl will be here? Tom's hoping for her due date due to work things... I'm just wanting it after Nov. 1st. Bottom line - get here healthy and happy little girl!

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