Friday, January 6, 2012

Pre-Christmas 2011

Somehow December is gone and January is here... I'm going to try to get some late posts up of how our 2011 ended and all of our holiday celebrations documented.

The week before Christmas, we had a lot going on. Megan had several holiday parties and they were fun for all of us! Nicole enjoyed being able to go to her school pajama party.


We love Megan's teachers - Ms. Julie and Ms. Kathy

Later that day we headed to Megan's dance class party. It was also a PJ party and the girls put on a little tap routine for the parents...


It was so sweet to watch our little girls as they watched a class of bigger girls perform a little Christmas dance for them...

A few days later, Megan got to go to Nicole's end of the year gymnastics class. She loved getting to show off her budding skills to her little sister.

Nicole thought her big sister was pretty cool!

One of the best parts of the class for Megan was that she got to play with her classmate Sydney.... Sydney's little brother is also in Nicole's class. So that made the parachute even more fun for everyone!

So much fun was had by all.... hopefully I'll get some more posts on here to get caught up!

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