Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Celebrations


We always love an occasion to gather with our families! And my girls LOVE their cousins! And Grandma and Granddad love those grandkids.

A few days before Christmas we were able to celebrate with my entire side of the family (from Ga, AL, and TN)


And then there was Christmas eve! Megan made sure Santa had cookies and milk, and the reindeer had food (that they made at school)...

Christmas morning, Megan was beside herself waiting for Nicole to wake up. Finally that sleepy girl woke up and the girls ran to see if Santa had come.

The girls gave both Tom and I bicycle helmets so that we could head out for some family rides!

One of Megan's favorite presents was one that was special to my heart (since I made it)... That girl loves to learn, draw, and write - so I made her a special "writers toolbox" - filled with different writing tablets, pens, pencils, her own pencil sharpener, a few stamps and stamp pads, sticky pads, etc... She couldn't even wait till after breakfast to get it out and start writing.

Nicole was happy with her pony!

We had a great Christmas celebration and spent the day enjoying each other, visiting with my family again, and celebrating the joy that only comes from knowing that this special day is Holy... As our pastor reminded us - this day is so special and set apart because we are reminded that God loved us so much that He sent his son (John 3:16). Although it's belated now.... Merry Christmas!

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