Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mall of America

One of our favorite outings when we are in the Twin Cities involves a trip to the Mall of America... not to shop - but to RIDE!
WHY???? you might ask?


Need I say more?
Or is that look of pure joy enough?
It is for me!!!

This trip, Megan hit a growth marker and she was able to ride some rides she's never been on before. Like a spin on the bumper cars with dear ole dad!

Nicole did a lot of watching with Uncle Tony - but she was cool with that.


And Nicole did get to experience the joy of the rides too...

Nicole was even tall enough to take a family trip on the log ride!

Perhaps that wasn't the best idea...
Let's just say that by the looks on their faces, we will not be recieving our notice for "parent of the year"


I will say it was a little too "big" for Nicole. But Megan has that look of utter fear not because she's scared of the ride - she'd already been on it and on several roller coaster - but the log ride has 2 drops. And on the first drop (the little drop), Megan got soaked... I mean I had to take her clothes off and wring them out in the sink kind of soaked. So she was terrified that she was going to get swamped with another big wave.

But once we got off, got a little dried off - all was well in the world again.


She was so good in fact, that she grabbed her dad (he had the unlimited ride armband) and they ended up riding the Orange Streak roller coaster 6-7 times. (They are in the middle - look for Tom's white shirt).

And then to end the day, she decided to take on the kiddie bumper cars on her own.

So fun!

I have a feeling we'll back this summer..... And then we'll all end up with arm bands I'm sure.

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