Wednesday, November 2, 2011

School Party

Megan got a great start to Halloween with her school party.  They had a fun parade of costumes.
 Here are all the kiddos with Ms. Julie (super hero) and Ms. Kathy (ghost).
 While we were in what was left of the pumpkin patch, my little ballerina found one that she liked.
 Then it was onto the class party!  We had lots of crafts...

 Decorated some Jack-o-lantern cookies....
About half way through the party, Nicole joined us.  Tom had taken some time off in the morning to take Nicole to her little gym class.  (He's loving all this one on one time with his girls).  Once her class was over, he dropped her off at school.  She thought she was one of the class - pulled a chair right on up to the table (a different table than where Megan was) and settled in to down her 3 (yes, THREE) pieces of pizza.
 One they finished, she joined her big sister to make sure she had fun at her party.
As we were leaving, I asked Nicole, "Did you have fun at the party?"  And she responded..
"Happy burday NeCole paray".... Evidently she thought we were all there for an early birthday celebration for her.  Obviously she caught on to our conversation at breakfast that Nicole's birthday was 1 week away... smart little whipper snapper!

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