Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday

My little baby turned 2 today!  She's a little ray of sunshine - full of giggles, silliness, and lots of love!

 Nicole you are a girl of polar opposites - all contained in one little body.  On one hand you are attached your mommy and don't ever want to let her go.  On the other hand, you are a daredevil and will try about anything.... especially if you see your big sister attempting it.    You are a whirl wind of energy - never stopping.  But when you do, you melt into mommy's lap and lose yourself in a snuggle.  At home you chatter almost non-stop, but in public you are as mute as you could be.  Truly there is none like you - a unique blessing for our family!

 Right now your favorite things are your pink cowgirl boots (which you beg to wear everyday), baby dolls, Elmo, Dora, Barney, zoo animals, dogs, looking for the moon, pizza, reading books (especially Dr. Seuss books).... and spending time with your big sister, your daddy, and your mommy.
You absolutely adore your big sister!  No matter what she does, you jump in to be apart of it - good and bad. 

The past 2 years have been full of so many firsts and so many lasts.  Each one so sweet and such a treasure for my heart and mind.  I think of where you came from and can only attempt to imagine what the next year will hold.

We love you Nicole!
Happy 2nd Birthday!!

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