Saturday, November 5, 2011

A 2 Year Old's Dream Party

My little birthday girl is living it up this birthday weekend!  Today we started out with her dream birthday party!
 I mean really.... what would the perfect party for a 2 year old include????
Friends, lots of playing and perhaps some cupcakes... Oh and Nicole's favorite food:  Pizza!

So we headed to the park that is almost across the street from our neighborhood for a fun playground party.  It's one of Nicole's favorite places!!!!  So add in some of her favorite friends and a good time would be had by all!
 Nicole helped set up for her picnic and made sure the cupcake cake that Megan picked out for her was perfect for the occasion.  Then her friends started to arrive.... YIPEE!
 Megan was so excited to finally get a chance to play with our new little friend Julia.  Nicole and Julie get to have little playdates and visit together at story time - but Megan has been asking to meet Julia since she joined her forever family.
 Nicole loved playing with the bigger siblings and friends as much as with her own little friends.

 Nicole made sure to spend some time with her smallest guest.... Baby Collette.
 Megan loved celebrating with her baby sister.

 Of course not only did we play hard - but we ate too!  Nicole has started to try to eat her pizza not cut up.  It's a funny thing to watch.  Especially when she tries to eat her plate along with it.
 Ah, there we go....
 Nicole and Julia were cute little lunch companions!
 Then it was time for the cake!
 Oh the excitement of TWO candles!!!!!!!
 Ready, set, BLOW!!!!

It's still a couple of days until Nicole's actual birthdate (the 7th), BUT - this was the actual birthday - the 1st Saturday in November.  So it was the perfect day to celebrate her and all the things she loves.
We love you sweet girl - Happy Birthday Weekend!

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Angela said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Nicole! I'll always remember the date since it was my due date. Glad she had such a fun time.