Sunday, August 28, 2011

Minnesota 2011 - part 1

We are home and starting to settle in from our 2 week trip to Minnesota. We had a great time road tripping up to the North Shore and hanging out with Grandma, Papa and Uncle Dan in Two Harbors.

The girls did great with the 20 hour drive up - we had 2 nights in hotels and they both thought that was awesome! Once we got there - they spent no time being shy. Oh no, not these girls - they immediately took the spotlight! Literally....

Megan and her tinker toy mic had a captive audience with Grandma and Papa!
Nicole felt that it should be open mic night and wanted in on the action...
We had a great time visiting the local playground - we were there a lot!

My littlest viking just adored her Uncle Dan (like her big sister does)...

Nicole even jumped into Uncle Dan's arms for bedtime books.
Megan settled for dear ole Dad as the evening storyteller...
I love that picture! You can tell they are brothers, and you can tell they are sisters.
Grandma's organ got lots of workouts...
Auntie Mary and Uncle David came to visit and the girls had a hayday with the sidewalk chalk they brought - as well as several other fun gifts.

Oh yes, the wood swing at the Two Harbors Dairy Queen!!!!!
Grandma was quite the book reader for the girls as well....

There will be lots more to come - but at least it's a start!
Speaking of starts.... Megan starts her first day of pre-k tomorrow! Oh my goodness - how is that possible???????

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Sandy P said...

Clifford is on the farm today
He listens to what the animals say
The cow says Moo

I can not put the rest of Clifford's animal sounds together. I guess it is time to pull it out for Ellie.

Glad you made it back safely.