Sunday, August 7, 2011

21 Months

Happy Birthday to my baby.... my baby who is only 3 months away from turning 2.... how did that happen?
Nicole has been growing and changing each day. It's amazing sometimes to watch her do something and realize that she's growing up so fast. Tom and I are trying to savor each moment.
This past week, Megan has been at camp so Nicole and I have had some fun one on one time. We broke out the playdoh and had a great time. Nicole LOVES playdoh. She's finally learned that if she puts it in her mouth, then she has to leave the table. So she's been pretty good about not trying to eat it.
She's been watching Megan cut the playdoh with a knife and that is her favorite thing to do.
She also loves for you to make little balls for her to smoosh.
Once it's time to put the playdoh up, she knows it's time to make sure there is none left on the floor. This week she realized that she could play peek-a-boo under the table.
Nicole is talking up a storm. A lot of her words you have to really work at knowing what she's saying, but it's very clear she's trying to communicate. She's finally learned to ask for help instead of just sitting on the floor screaming (thank goodness). She loves imagination play (in the kitchen, with dolls, playhouses, etc) and anything "art". Nicole LOVES her big sister and is willing to try about anything if Megan does it. This week she figured out how to climb up the playscape at Chick-fil-a. (and yes, I did have to go up and get her).
Our little toddler is growing fast - she's wearing 2T clothes, weighs over 30 lbs and is only 10 inches shorter than Megan (who's 4). Her size 6 shoes are starting to look too small. But even with all that growth and changes - she's still "momma's baby"..... when mommy leaves, it's still quite a production, but for the most part she recovers within a few minutes (usually).
I will say this little girl is extremely strong-willed. I know, all toddlers are strong-willed... but lets just say that Megan's strong-willed personality was nothing compared to Nicole's. We spend a LOT of our day in screaming messes (her, not me) :^) simply because mommy said "no." And we are having to work hard at teaching her to not run away... she's a runner - it's a game to her.
But....she's also the most loving and happy girl (when she's not screaming from not getting her way). Her most favorite thing to do right now and walk up to someone and say "Eig huuuug." And wrap her arms around you for a big hug! Just melts my heart everytime!
Happy 21 months Nicole!

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