Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Drawing Tables

My little artists were in need some some "art space". They tend to do art pretty much anywhere and for Nicole she has a hard time at a table because her "stuff" keeps rolling away. So, off to the store I go and voila....

My girls are LOVING their little lap desks. I love to see them just working away. I think that Nicole may even love doing art more than Megan... and that is hard to imagine.
Megan was working so hard one morning and she ran up and asked me to frame her special picture.... "a porrtet" of snowball.
I thought her portrait was really good.
This week Megan has been at a camp all week and Nicole has not let a day go by that she's not using her new found skills.
Uh yeah, I happened to have my camera handy to snap these pictures before we had the "no crayons on the couch" talk.
It was just so funny to watch her problem solve how to get to a good place for a picture.
Finally she found a good standing spot.

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