Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I posted an update at the bottom - now that we've been to the dentist!

You know.... It's been a rough few weeks around here. I'm actually ready for April to head on out and have a fresh start in May. We've had head injuries, major knee scrapes, toe stubbings, more bangs and bumps and LOTS and LOTS of bandaids and wraps. Then today, we had another fall. Nicole hit the kitchen floor face first and got a big fat busted lip.... then after we got the bleeding to stop we realized - she has a major tooth chip. It's not a little chip - it's a huge "1/2 of one of her front teeth is missing" kind of chip.

Now, she seems no worse for wear..... I was trying to get her to smile so that I could get a picture (for the good ole baby book). You can't really see it from that angle - and here's a really bad one.. but you can see the big ole gap it's made between her two front teeth now...

So tomorrow my baby and I (with big sister in tow) are heading off to the pediatric dentist to see what they think about our chipped tooth predicament. You can say a prayer for us. Nicole isn't a fan of strangers when they want to get in her space so this could be very interesting. I'm still wondering how the dentist is going to get her to open her mouth when it's a battle every night to get her teeth brushed. I'll post an update once we get home.

Well.... we just got back from the pediatric dentist. It is a huge chip - they were shocked. She did pretty well - so thanks for all the prayers. They took an xray and thankfully it doesn't look like the roots were damaged and she missed the pulp area (but it was close). They said there is still a possibility of it abcessing in the next few weeks to months since obviously it was a hard hit on the hardwoods. The big issue is that because it's so big and pretty jagged, it'll start to interfere with her normal eating as she gets older and tries to eat harder food. SOOOOOOO... baby crown here we come. In a few weeks (once the nerves have a chance to heal a bit) we'll go back and they'll put a crown on that tooth to protect it and hopefully protect it from heat sensitivity and such. Of course to do that to an 18 month old (that's how old she'll be at that point) will require sedation. I'm trying not to stress over that and focus on doing what's right for Nicole and her little tooth. We have our 18 month check up in week or so, so I'm looking forward to talking to the pediatrician about all this and getting her input as well.

But you'd never know anything had happend...until Nicole flashes her "happy baby" smile.

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Amy said...

Poor baby! Dawson had to be sedated for some testing when he was 9 months old. The IV was the worst part (besides the not eating beforehand), and it was bad because they couldn't get a vein without it blowing. They stuck him 7 times. But, once the IV was in, it wasn't too bad. And, if they had gotten it right the first time it wouldn't have been bad at all. He was groggy, but otherwise fine.