Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flower Girls

One of my favorite springtime traditions are pictures among the tulips. Our church has a fabulous prayer garden that is filled with wonderful flowers. The girls love them - every sunday I have girls with "pollen" noses... .a delightful shade of yellow.

Usually our flower filled pictures coincide with Easter... but this year Easter is very late, and the flowers were very early. I love my little ladybugs!
Happy Spring from our family to yours!
A little sidenote... that cute polka-dot dress that Nicole is wearing is actually the very first dress I learned to sew - for Megan (Thanks Amy!). It's so sweet to see Nicole wearing it. The funny thing is that when Megan first wore it (see pictures below) she was about 2 months younger than Nicole is. And the dress came down a couple of inches below her knee. So I'm not sure if Nicole is just that much longer than Megan or if 2 months makes that much of a difference.

Megan at 14 months................Nicole at 16 1/2 months

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