Monday, April 4, 2011

Outdoors and Urgent Care

It's been great here - today we headed to the zoo... of course, I didn't take a single picture. But let's just say - it's spring break! It feels like spring and everyone was off work... and at the zoo! It was crazy! But we had a great time and saw some new animals in the carnivore exibit that just opened this weekend. Megan was a little sad that we missed the carnivorous plant bog. We've had an on-going discussion for a week about snapdragons. She's sure they are huge, have eyes, and eat big animals (thanks to some tv show she's seen). I've explained that "animals that eat meat" are small and usually only eat things like flies. And then we never found them. Oh well, next time when it's less crowded we'll ask and actually see them. These pictures I actually took from a few weeks ago when we were playing in the backyard with Grandma and Papa.... I have to say, that somedays I wish our house wasn't as "original" as it is (meaning we still have the original 1973 harvest gold appliances)... but I'm quickly reminded of the blessing of being in an "established home" - I LOVE our acre yard! And so do these girls!!!!!
I love that they love each other... especially after tonight. We had our first "major" sibling issue. An issue that ended with me taking this little one to the Children's hospital urgent care...
Because this one....forgot that her little sister is really still a baby.

Unfortunately a little "playtime" before bathtime ended with Megan trying to pull Nicole over the arm of a chair. Nicole didn't think it was as fun a game as Megan did.... it ended with Nicole hysterically crying, me sending Megan to her room (mostly because I was afraid I'd be too harsh with her - and she was worried about Nicole too), and then getting Tom (who had to work late tonight - thankfully from home), and calling Natalie (who also had plans but so graciously changed them to come help) so that I could take Nicole to the urgent care facility. We figured she must have dislocated her elbow (nursemaids elbow - fairly common in little ones, although this was our first encounter with it).

Let's just say it was a rough night over here... but God provided at every step! First, thank God Tom was working from home and could call the Dr's office while I tried to calm Nicole down. Then what a blessing Natalie is that she could change her plans and come take care of putting Megan to bed while I rushed off with Nicole. And then we had a "laugh or cry" moment... in the waiting room at Urgent Care, Nicole popped her own elbow back in socket. Suddenly she was totally fine! Go figure! It was a minute before the called me up to officially check us in.... and they called us, I chatted with the nurse, we concured that she did "fix herself" so we left. Thankfully because the sign said it was a 90 minute wait. What a blessing!

We were able to get home, reassure Megan that Nicole was ok, and get everyone in bed at a somewhat decent hour. YEAH!

And now maybe these two will be a little less "physical". I know, I know.... all those moms with boys are out there thinking - if that's your first Urgent care visit/ER visit - you don't know what rough housing is. Yeah - maybe not - and hopefully I don't find out~! :^)
I'll stick with tea parties!

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Dawn said...

Oh, Heavens! A little too much excitement at your house!!! I hope everyone is feeling all better, and lessons have been learned. Sending big hugs for everyone!

Love and miss you...