Friday, August 2, 2013

The newest family members

They've been with us since June... but they haven't been formally introduced - so without further ado, May I present...
Swimmy and Rosy
 The girls are super excited about their little betta fish friends.

They have begged for fish for a LONG time.... and finally they worked and earned them.  Megan's blue fish is "Swimmy blue"  and Nicole's red fish is "Ruby Red". 

We did have a sad 1st week with Ruby.... let's just say that we've talked a LOT about pets in heaven and now have Ruby Red II.  :^)  About once a week Nicole says something like, "I still miss died Ruby but alive Ruby is happier."

I've adjusted to life with fish - and they are very low maintenance fish - and that makes me as happy as my girls!

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