Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A New School Year

My eldest is off to First Grade!  OH my goodness... how is she that old?  Where did the time go?  Well, instead of sitting around and pondering those unanswerable questions - I'm just embracing this time and watching her spread her wings.

We were super excited last week to go and meet Megan's new teacher.  First grade is such a special grade for me since I taught it for so long - so I was overjoyed when we learned she had the teacher that I had been hoping and praying for - Ms. Forte!  Megan was estatic as well.  And she's super happy to have several friends in her class.  It's going to be a GREAT year!!!!

During our meet and greet, she told Ms. Forte.  "Mrs. Waller was the best kindergarten teacher - but I know you are the best 1st grade teacher."  We have definitely been blessed with amazing teachers! From one teacher to another - they rock!

Here she is - off for the 1st day...

While Megan was at school - Nicole and I had a full day planned.  I have somehow ended up as the PTO president at her preschool so we headed over there to work on a few things - and little Ms. Nicole realized that with her sister gone, she was in charge - that sassy little thing!  

When Mommy finally finished we headed off to her new gymnastics class - which she loves ---- except for when they try to make her flip over.  She hates being upside down.

Finally it was time to go meet the bus.  She loves the bus.... I hate the bus!  So we compromise and we take her in the morning and let her ride home with her neighborhood friends in the afternoon.  She likes that time with friends (although some mean boy tore her school tag today - according to her), and I like knowing that she starts her morning off without any extra drama.  Getting up at 6:15 is drama enough.  Here is her little welcoming committee....

I finally got a bus picture on the 2nd day (the 1st day the bus blew past me not realizing I was standing there waiting for it).

And have I mentioned how much I love her teacher.....  Ms. Forte took these awesome pictures on the first day and sent them to all the parents.  So sweet!

 Now 2 days of school are down - and Megan still loves first grade.  Her biggest joy is she's only 3 pennies away from getting to invite a friend to lunch!  Evidently according to Megan, "I'm an exceptional listener."

If that's greek to you....  They have a behavior system where they can earn money throughout the day - and you save up for what you want.  Maybe a trip to the treasure box, maybe inviting a friend to lunch, maybe eating with the teacher, etc...  Megan's saving for an opportunity to invite her friend "J" (who was in her class last year) to lunch. I think this system will be great for Megan - money is definitely her currency of motivation.

AND... I have to brag on our school - because I LOVE IT soooo much!!!!  Today they announced it is one of the Georgia schools of Excellence. Woohoo!  28 schools received this honor - and it was well earned.

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