Friday, July 19, 2013

summer shout-out

Remember the days when summer meant it was time to take it easy and relax...

Yeah - that was definitely before my 2 amazing blessings!  Because now that means life gets super crazy, fun, hectic, sometimes overwhelming, and always full of joy.

One day I really hope to get caught up with the blog - we've done so many things and been so many places this summer.  So here's a little glimpse of my mermaids - before we hop off for a little beachy fun.

 That is Nicole's little tushy in the water.  She's become quite the swimmer.  She's always loved the water and a little water bug now.  She can actually swim the length of the pool unassisted.  Megan loved to swim too, but I'm not sure she could swim this well at 3 1/2.  It's pretty amazing.  She just loves being under the water.

And Megan - she loves pretending to be a mermaid.  She's taking a few lessons to work on some strokes - but I think she's done with all that.  She told me a few days ago, "you know mom - I don't like to race, I just like to swim so I think I am good enough at freestyle and backstroke - now I'm going to work on mermaid swimming, tea parties and dive sticks in the deep end."  Well there you go - a girl who knows what she wants at the pool. 

Our last trip - even Nicole was begging me to pull her under the water so that we could sit on the bottom of the pool and have a tea party... oh, it's my childhood revisited alright!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Megan in action - working on her backstroke.
Now we are off to have some family fun in the sun.... one day I'm sure you'll get to see those pictures too.  :^)

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