Friday, June 17, 2011


This week the Blaisdell girls had their first VBS experience. Megan, Nicole and I all had a great first week of VBS.... we are all exhausted, but loved it! Our church's theme this year was The Wild West. Megan loved being a cowgirl! Here she is on Monday, all raring to go....
Even Nicole was ready... even though she had no idea what we were doing.
Megan had a great week with lots of her sunday school friends. I volunteered and worked in the 1 year old room, with Nicole. Boy howdy, trying to keep 6-8 one year olds occupied and happy for 3-4 hours was exhausting!!!!!!
Our VBS is for 4 days, Monday-Thursday. Then on Thursday evening we have a big family celebration. They finish off the skit of the week and the kids get to dance and show off all the songs they've learned. Megan was very into it!
Then the family fun continued with an ice cream social. Our littlest cowgirl was all about the ice cream!

behind them you can see a big blowup... it's a huge maze that the kids got to go run through. Megan loved that. Here is a shot of her and her friend Mary Grace waiting for their turn to go in. Don't they look so serious! Nicole was a bit too small for me to let her go in with all the rowdy big kids.
So she hung out and watched....
In the back parking lot they had a bucking bronco. Megan soooooo wanted to ride it. But I have to admit that I over ruled and claimed she was too young and the line was too long. The picture is decieving - it was almost 8:30 at this point and Nicole was fading fast.
They also had a rock wall that Megan wanted to try. You can see her hanging on the fence watching.
We had a great time celebrating. There were about 600 kids at VBS this year - around 300 volunteers. What a huge undertaking! I will say that our church does an amazing job of really driving home spiritual truths during this time. Here's my example:
On the way home Thursday we were going to meet up with a friend for lunch. I was trying to keep Megan awake (she was exhausted) by asking her questions about her day. She told me that they had heard the story of Jesus getting beat up and dying on the cross and going to heaven. Then she said - you know Jesus is the only way to heaven and we should tell people about him. I was so proud of her.... we were at chick-fil-a at that point and we had a great time at lunch. Then it was time to leave. On the way home we were driving past the mall and we were singing along with a kids worship CD and the song that was had a verse in it to "tell people about Jesus". Well Megan picked back up with her previous comment as we were stopping at a red light.
Megan: "did you tell them?"
Me: "who?"
Megan: "them" (pointing to the group of construction workers who were right by the red light). "Did you tell them about Jesus? Cause he's the only way to heaven!"
Me: "uh, no - the light is turning green"
Megan: (screaming at the top of her lungs through closed windows), "Jesus loves you! Jesus loves you! Jesus loves you!"
OK - I was more than a bit humbled by my sweet girl who caught hold of a huge lesson this week!

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hmferrero said...

Goodness - that just made me cry! Way to go Megan!