Friday, June 24, 2011

Movie Night

Tonight we got to go out as a family, in style! Tom's employer always has a fun summer family social event each year. In the past it has been a cookout at the Braves game, or a bowling outing... but this year they basically rented out 2 screens at Movie Studio Grill for Cars 2. Woohoo!!!! If you don't live around here and don't know what Movie Studio Grill is... it's a theater where you actually eat while watching your movie - they take your order and bring it to your movie table. Super cool fun!

When Tom asked me a few weeks ago if we should go, I hesitated about .00009th of a second in saying - uh, yeah! After all, I've wanted to go there and it's free and it'll be the girls first movie theater experience. If it is bad - we just leave (and it'd be guilt free since it's free). So off we went to see Cars 2.

I should mention here that Megan has only seen 2 full length movies - Cinderella and Tangled. And she knows NOTHING about Cars - other than they talk. So I wasn't sure if she'd be into it. But she loved it. I think the overall experience was what she loved the most.... sitting in a big chair, lounging and getting to eat food and popcorn and someone bringing her sprite refills during the whole movie. Oh yeah -that life!

And Nicole... well I was wondering how my 19 month old would sit through a full length film. I had visions of spending my evening walking the hallway outside the theater. But you'd be amazed at how much pizza she can put away. Add some lemonade and you are already 1/2 way through the film. She laughed, screamed (oops), and danced (that was hysterical) - and made it through the whole movie. She was in constant motion - but hey, it was a theater full of kids and parents and it wasn't quiet.... so we were good!

Did I mention that it was in 3-D?

Not that we actually watched it in 3-D.... Megan didn't like the glasses, actually they gave me a headache, and whenever I did put them on Nicole promptly ripped them off and tried to give them to Daddy - since everyone knows that only Daddy wears glasses.

Oh my girls..... at one point in the movie, Tom was sitting back (with his glasses on) watching and llaughing, and I pretty much looked like this (which was taken before the movie started) with 2 girls wriggling in my lap. I think I missed a lot of the movie. :^) But it was still fun and hysterical.
I've never seen the original cars - and it may be about Lightening McQueen... but this one is about Mater. Oh my gosh... I love Mater! I'd like to watch it again without the kids around.

On the way home I asked Megan what the best part of the night was - the screen? Getting to eat dinner while watching a movie? The sprite? The popcorn?....
Her response: Spending it with my family, all together!
Awwww... melted my heart!
Then I asked her - what do you wish had been different? More popcorn? different movie? was it too loud? too long? Did you wish you'd gotton something differen to eat?
Her response: I wish I could've sat in your lap the whole time.
Awww... that's my girl!

Have I mentioned lately that I love my girls!?!?!?!
(If you are on facebook you know we've had a rough week and Megan has had some mega tantrums lately.... so it was sweet to see my girl back).

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hmferrero said...

Glad it worked out so well! I'm taking the boys to see it today. Erika wants to come but Walter has decided she can't go to fun things like that until she stops biting her nails. :(

You should watch the first one when you have a chance - I was really surprised at how good it was.