Friday, February 4, 2011

Here Comes Trouble

There it is..."THE" look....
THE LOOK that says - I can do it all by myself!
That was the look I got when I took her yogurt bowl away. Nicole is all about trying to feed herself and she wanted it back... to be honest I was fearing for the floor. I just hadn't put her floor cover back down. I just have one question... WHY is there carpet in the dining room?

But then her big sister entered the picture to make her feel all better!!!!

That's Megan saying, "It's ok Nicole you are growing into a big girl. I'll teach you how."
Then Nicole wanted us to know that all that yummy food was in her belly...
And for all those "feed myself" moments..... Kevin and Kelly - I LOVE my Christmas present!

And so does Megan.

Now that 1/2 Nicole's food ends up on the floor - our little stick-vac saves the day. And Megan has found a chore she loves. Which is funny to me because she's spent 3 1/2 years being terrified of the vacuum.

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