Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Hugs, Hearts and Kisses!!!!
Happy Valentines Day! OK, I had to get a shot of Megan with her fun Valentine's Day skirt on. That was my most recent naptime creation... ok, I can call it a naptime creation because IF Megan took a nap, that's when I would've made it. But, since she doesn't - let's call it a mommy nighttime creation.

Oh, and Natalie....
Megan would like to say THANK YOU for her Valentine makeup. This picture doesn't do justice to her ruby red sparkly lips with layers upon layers of lip gloss and the beautiful shimmering eye shadow. Much fun was had by this little girl after her school Valentine's day party today.
Her little sister has discovered the joy of a bean bag!
Oh yeah, she loves that bean bag!!!! Too bad it's her big sisters.

And I have to admit that I love it because it's one chair that Nicole doesn't get hurt falling off of. And falling off chairs has unfortunately become a daily occurance around here. Ugh!

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