Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry White Christmas!

Megan is estatic that we have a white Christmas.... of couse to her all that means is - IT'S SNOWING! It started and about 30 minutes later I took this shot... It's now been snowing about 2 hours and our yard is white with a very very wet snow. Megan and I went out a little bit ago and I pushed her down the hill on her sled (thanks Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn) and we made a little snowman... those pictures will be up later.

This morning, the girls were all excited about opening presents and seeing what Santa brought to them.
Megan was sooo excited that Santa brought her a little vanity. Oh my gosh, she's been so cute with it. And Nicole got a cool Princess push/ride-on toy. We've been having fun with that all morning.
megan also got Precious Places castle from good ole mom and dad. I have to say she's kept herself quite busy all morning. Even Tom was excited about his UMD Bulldogs shirt.

Both girls loved Nicole's new wagon. We had to make a little track in the house since it's so cold and wet outside.

All the gift giving has been fun and we've loved sharing these fun times with the girls, but it was so sweet to hear Megan pray at breakfast and tell God thank you that it was Jesus' birthday and that we got to celebrate. In the midst of all the "Stuff" it's hard to keep their little eyes on God's greatest gift to us, His Son!

Merry Christmas!

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