Wednesday, August 2, 2017


March started with a bang!
We kicked off the month with a historical visit to the The Greatest Show on Earth!  And it was truly historical since this will be last visit of the circus EVER.  I guess it was a good first and last for the girls.

Of course, March is also a month of celebrating.  Our first born turned 10!  wow!
 To celebrate the big double digits - we treated the birthday girl to her first hibachi experience.

And of course - the learned continues....  One of the events that both girls love is to go read to cats at a local shelter.  Good Mews is a no cage shelter with hundreds of cats.  They work hard at socializing the cats so that they'll be used to hearing people's voices.  The girls love the fun reading practice!

Nicole has enjoyed her 1st grade homeschool science class.  One of her favorite classes was learning about how insects eat. 
 And then there are normal days - where we end up having school in our pajamas. :)

 We are so fortunate to live in a area with LOTS of homeschoolers.  Our city actually has a homeschool class every month! In March we got to tour the city water plant and learn how our local rivers and streams feed into our water source.

 The month ended with some time with my youngest.... Nicole had a camping trip with her American Heritage Girl Troop. 

The months are full and flying by!

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