Friday, March 3, 2017

Turning 7!

November always starts with a bang around our house.  With Nicole's birthday falling in the beginning part of November, we are always busy.

We started out our birthday week with a trip to the zoo!

The medical study that Nicole is in, celebrates when the kids turn 7.  She officially becomes a Jr. Scientist.  As part of the Jr. Scientist program, she got to don her lab coat and "follow the trail" of the blood she gives - see what happens to it and how they study it.

When we finally got to celebrate with the family - she was in hog heaven being in the spotlight with her cousins.

At church, her birthday weekend also happened to fall when her sunday school class had a social in the gym.  The Skates were out and everyone got in on the action!

FINALLY, the big day!  We celebrated with a  birthday doughnut!

Nicole was so excited - after skating the day before, what she really wanted was a pair of skates so she could practice at home.

The next day we were able to get together with friends at a local park (where the play structures are art).

This is not really a part of her birthday - but the birthday girl has been having fun with American Heritage Girls.

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