Friday, March 3, 2017


Happy Halloween!

October went out in a bang....
We participated in our churches Trunk-or-treat - we were an underwater dream.  Of course the girls were out of their element as a genie and a bag of skittles.

 I was a jellyfish!
 Megan and her friend Rachel rocked it out at another trunk...
 My favorite was the trunk that built a slingshot and recreated Angry Birds!

 Nicole's friend, Julia, popped over for a visit and helped pass out candy.
 Later that night - we went to a family costume party....  The Genie and Skittles were joined by The Tooth Fairy and Juan Valdez.

And Halloween wasn't even here yet.... we also participated in a service project and helped with the Halloween party at a local assisted living facility.
 This year - the girls were responsible for their pumpkins (OK, I helped some)...

Our crew from the hood....

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