Saturday, September 3, 2016

Red River Zoo

We finished out our last day in Fargo by hitting the Red River Zoo.  This is a different zoo than any we've been to because it features animals from colder climates.  So I have to admit there were actually a couple that I've never seen before - or heard of!

I think our favorite exhibit was the river otters.  They were soooo cute - and evidently love people.  Every time we would start talking, they would run over to where we were and look up at us.  It was adorable and we watched them for awhile - the girls would've stayed there all day if I let them.

We also had a little carousel break.

The Peacock lady followed us around quite a bit - they were free roaming.

Our second favorite exhibit was the prairie dogs.   We were able to catch a zookeeper talk about them and even got to toss in some treat biscuits.

The girls are hoping we will get to see them in the wild once we start to hit the National Parks.

We also got to feed some animals....
 Like the Jacob goats....
 and a cow of some sort....

 And we decided we'd shrunk the animal barn!

Saw some Camels...
 And Megan fell in love with the Red Panda!  She had a great time teaching us all about it - and I have to admit he was so active while we were there - and an amazing climber!

OK -this fella.... I have to admit that I'd never seen or heard of before.  He looks sort of like a cross between a bufflo and elk.  he's actually in the sheep/goat family.  He's a Sichuan Takin.  He was interesting to learn about.
 And the Russian Red Tree Squirrel kept us quite amused as well.

I loved watching the sloth! It was so fascinating to watch him climb around his enclosure.

After a fun afternoon it was time to say goodbye to the Red River Zoo and to Fargo.

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