Saturday, September 3, 2016

On the Road

I have to say - we are a family that loves a good road side stop!  The stop in Jamesville ND is no exception!!!!!

After all - who can resist a stop to see the Worlds Largest Buffalo?????

Not only do they have the buffalo - Dakota Thunder - but they also had a fun old fashioned town to see what it looked like back in the days of old frontier villages.  Most were buildings from about 1880.

I broke a few laws and took Megan to the saloon....
I escaped - but she got locked up!
But her gang broke her out and put the sheriff in jail!

The girls had fun exploring in the old post office.
They had a Louie L'Amour shack - dedicated to this North Dakotan author.  I had no idea how many books he had written about frontier life.

The girls were adamantly against visiting a dentist on the frontier!

After checking out a typical frontier house - and doing a few chores, the girls were singing the praises of modern life!

We also stumbled upon their modern day playground - and had to partake before we loaded back up for the final leg of our trip.
Then it was off - hitting the road the rest of the way to Bismark ND.

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