Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Flashback to Fall 2013

OK.... I'm so sad that I have neglected the blog for soooooo long!  But what can I say?  Life just keeps on coming - even when I ask it to slow down, it doesn't seem to want to do that.  I mean - it was just a blink of the eye ago when it was the start of school!!!!  And now I blink again and it's April - 9 months have passed....  how is that possible?

But, as I tell my girls - when you get hit with something, just pick yourself up and keep on going.  So - I'm going to do that very thing.  Because this blog is very much like my little yearbook for the girls - I have to go back a bit. 

So... imagine that it's only a about 8 months ago.... Fall, 2013!  A little flashback for our family (who I deeply apologize for... what can I say?  Facebook is easier.)

 Nicole has become a little dog walker - loving to take Rocky out to meet Megan at the bus stop in the afternoon.
The girls are always keeping me on my toes...
 Megan is always overjoyed to have Nicole and I come meet her at school for lunch.
 And our weekend are always full of some sort of fun....
 October was full of pumpkin patches and visits to farms....

But we'll all tell you our favorite fall activity was a family trip to Chattanooga!  The girls had so much fun that they are begging to go back.  We stayed at the Chattanooga Choo-choo, and got our fill of the Children's museum, TN aquarium, and Rock City.

 We were in Chattanooga for Columbus Day weekend - and what luck... the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria had also just arrived......

 At the choo-choo...... the girls LOVED taking a ride on "silver".  Tom and I loved it because we got to tell the girls all about our childhood memories of The Lone Ranger.
 The girls also loved exploring all the gardens there.
 The Children's museum.....

And there was no way we could leave without seeing Rock city!


And to finish off the last of the really nice weather.... Granddad taught the girls to fish! 

And then there was HALLOWEEN....

Megan won the "cute" costume category at our neighborhood egg hunt.
 Free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme if you wore your costume... so of course we did!

 And November blew on in with a certain little girls 4th birthday!!!!! 

 Her requested Cinnamon Roll birthday breakfast!


 The day after Nicole's birthday, we celebrated another special delivery...... Marie Grace!  Megan has saved for over a year and finally had enough money to buy her own American Girl doll!  Oh what a sweet day that was for her -she proclaimed herself, "now I'm especially responsible for someone else!"

And with fall comes lots and lots of leaves....

What else happened this fall?
Invention Convention - Megan's invention was a Pet Helper... you attach it to your pet and it'll help you finish your chores faster!  (I wish I had one!)

 Megan had her first season of playing basketball.   She's very proud of herself for trying something new.  She told me a lot, "I'm having a lot of fun, but I don't think this is my special talent."  But that sweet girl persevered - she started the season not being able to dribble, pass or catch the ball, not to mention that she couldn't even hit the backboard (it was so high for her)..... and finished the season with a basket! 

 And for Thanksgiving, we got to go see Nicole's special performance at school.

Yes..... it's been a VERY full year - and that's just the first few missing months.

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hmferrero said...

Love all the pics! I want to go back to Chattanooga soon.

I've a hard time keeping up with my blog too but I try and do it here and there, mostly for my dad who checks it several times a day even when I didn't post for months at a time. He's retired and in bad health so he's home all day with nothing to do. I put the Blogger app on my phone and I mostly just upload pictures there and save as a draft, and then try and type something quick there or add more content to it later from my computer. Since most of my pics are on my phone anyways that seems to be the quickest way to do it.