Monday, April 14, 2014

Christmas 2013

Ahhhh....  Christmas!
This was the first year that Nicole wasn't terrified of Santa.  It wasn't as if she ran and jumped in his lap - but she didn't cry either.  She didn't really want to talk to him - but she did want to see him.  Made for some funny moments.

We had a lot of holiday love - lunches at school, Christmas snuggles with Rocky....

I also got to spend time with both girls at their holiday parties - which is always fun!

We had our annual trip to the "winter wonderland" at our friends, The Bailey's, house.
 The girls loved all the decorating and our annual traditions of their "ornament of the year."  The 2013 ornament for Megan was a personalized ornament with Marie Grace (her American Girl Doll).  Nicole's was a unicorn - since that's what she wanted for the theme for her 4th birthday party.

We (Megan) had a little run in with the flu so Nicole got some quality time with Daddy....

This year, I had a bit of help in the kitchen!  These girls are the best baking assistants (as long as you limit their sampling).

It's not Christmas without some love from the cousins!

And our annual trip to celebrate Christmas in MN.

 We arrived in MN to a LOT of snow.... the girls loved it!
 Megan loved that she had her own mountain of snow outside of Grandma and Papa's house.
 It was quite cold (like 40 below) so we had a lot of indoor activity too.... like making a gingerbread house with Uncle Dan.
 After leaving Two Harbors - we headed to the cities and once again had some playtime in the snow thanks to Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn.

 This year, Nicole was tall enough to really enjoy some rides at Nick Universe in the Mall of America.  And Megan was tall enough to ride the BIG rides.....

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