Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hippo and Doughnut Day

Last week we started up our summer fun with a trip to the Purple Hippo Art studio.  My girls LOVE art so I've been eagerly waiting for Nicole to be old enough to really enjoy it.  Oh yes, the time has come!!!!

This is my new favorite place!  When you get there, you get a little bucket and get to go through the "buffet line" and get some art supplies... wow!
 then - you create till your heart is content....
We met up with our friends Will and Emma and they kids had so much fun.

 I love that they have so many different art materials.  As a elementary school teacher, I have a TON of art supplies.  I love fostering creativity so we always have little art activities going on at home - but the Purple Hippo has an insane variety of supplies.  My girls were in heaven, and I must admit - so was I!!!!!
 And truly the best part..... I didn't have to clean up all that stuff from my own kitchen table!

Then the next day - we celebrated the arrival of summer by celebrating National Doughnut Day!


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Sandy P said...

I think I might try to take my girls when Carson is at one of his camps his summer. Do you think Ellie is big enough?