Saturday, February 25, 2012


About a year (or two) ago, I had a goal of really purging.... I mean getting rid of half the toys we had, etc... Well, that sounds so great - but the reality is - that's a huge undertaking - especially with 2 kids playing with what we wanted to purge ourselves of. Over the past few months I've taken stock of what we don't play with anymore. In addition to that - the past couple of weeks we've been finishing out a room in our basement - to do that, we had to clean out that room. It's sad when you realize you have an entire room full of unused baby stuff.

So we took advantge of the last days of the Babies R Us trade in program and we loaded up the van. I mean we stuffed that thing full of broken strollers (that we still have because we didn't know what to do with them), a highchair that doesn't have working straps anymore that is as old as my oldest nephew (who is now a teenager), several carseats (that can no longer be resold), etc...

It was full top to bottom - 8 pieces of baby gear. All that traded in and out of our house! YIPEE.

Then this week I loaded the car up again with 190 items for a local consignment sale. Priced to sell!!!! It wasn't about making money, it was about purging toys that were in great condition but that we needed out of our house - passing on the blessing. Most of our baby clothes we've given away as they've been outgrown - but toys are a different monster.

So at the end of the sale today I sold 167 of 190 items. WOW! And those final items are being donated to a local shelter.

All the things I couldn't sell or take to Babies-R-Us - well those 10 boxes were picked up this week by 2 local charities.

AAAAAHHHHHHHH.... the feeling of FINALLY getting rid of so much worldly weight. Now, we aren't done - but it's an awesome start. If you walk into our playroom you'll probably go - really, you got rid of stuff????? We have a long way to go - but it's a good start!

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