Monday, December 12, 2011

Cookies and Santa

Christmas celebrations are in full swing around here.  Nicole got to meet up with some friends for her first real cookie decorating party... and she actually got to decorate a cookie this year.  Last year she wasn't walking so she just played.  Its strange to think back to that and realize how much our baby has grown in a year.


I dont think she actually ate the cookie... but the icing and decorations kept her busy and happy!

We also had Breakfast with Santa at Megan's preschool.
Megan had a great time seeing Santa with all her friends. Nicole... she likes saying "Ho, ho, ho!" but that's about all the santa she wants.

Bear with me as I work to figure out all the little details to get blogs up and not use too much space.

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Sandy P said...

I can tell you figured out how to get flikr to work. Hopefully you can work out the kinks.